I have made this rotating laser line device by inspiring Zerona medical device.

Main idea is rotating a line lens which is placed in front of dot laser module.

Stepper motor provides rotation and its speed can be adjusted over Arduino.

I mounted device on gooseneck stand for flexibility, that you can see on video.

Here is the video of application and construction of Rotating Laser Line device.


Its made by using:

– LASER module, 12mm dia
– Laser line lens (can be removed from line laser)
– 2 x 6001 ZZ c3 Ball Bearings (12mm inner dia)
– 2 x Tork 27-29 Heavy Duty Clamps (bearings fit inside)
– 2 x 10mm Rivet nut
– Stepper motor 28byj-48
– Stepper motor driver
– Arduino (nano, to drive stepper motor)

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