Equipmet for my master thesis was enough to make ultrasonic levitation setup. So I tried to levitate light styrofoam pieces by ultrasonic waves.

You can find publication ( my MSc thesis ) by clicking on link below:


And you can find my master thesis(Turkish) below

My Master Thesis

28Khz Ultrasound is generated by piezoelectric transducer. To reflect sound waves I used PCB. As holder I used furniture leg and threaded rod. I squeezed PCB between two screw nuts and move up and down to find right position. When PCB fits on right position, distance between transducer and PCB will be multiple of sound wave’s wavelength. Then standing waves will occure. There will be high pressure and low pressure points between transducer and PCB. Particles will be trapped in low pressure points.

You can watch video below:





PIC based circuit generated 28Khz square wave, and I powered 28Khz Piezoelectric transducer by MOSFET IRFP250N and drive it by totem pole circuit.


Signal generator, totem pole driver, Mosfet+Heatsink(with fan) + Transformer

As Transformer, I used transformer removed from  250W SMPS computer power supply. Transformer has 220V input and 12V output. I used 12V as premier, 220V as seconder.


Transformer                                            Piezoelectric Transducers

Totem Pole circuit is important for driving  MOSFET. Even though MOSFET’s gate behave like capacitor, when frequency increases, gate  capacitor is charging-decharging and behaves like draining current. PIC itself is not able to supply such current.


Totem Pole driver circuit (BD139 and BD140) with MOSFET IRFP250N

2 thoughts on “Acoustic Levitation”

  1. Good day sir,

    We are working for an acoustic levitator too. We are using a 100W, 28kHz ultrasonic transducer. We also use a driver that we have copied from the internet. But we have a problem, because everytime we connect the transducer to the transformer we always get a 0-5V output. But if we disconnect the transducer, we get the original voltage (200-500). Do you have any suggestion to this problem sir?

    Thank you sir.

    1. Do you have any other transducer to test ? And what kind of driver do you use? How you drive transformer?
      I think It maybe your transistor is not able to drive transformer, or circuit can not generate 28Khz signal or transducer is broken.
      I think it would be better if you test those 3 individually.

      If you have schematic of your driver, you can reply here.

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