Here are two annotations on Fat loss and Intermittent Fasting, depend on information I have gathered till now. Those are of course just informative presentations.

Fat Burning Annotation ,  Mechanism of burning fat as I understand

Intermittent Fasting , Quick information about intermittent fasting

A widespread study on Intermittent Fasting >


To have healthy diet and helathy fat loss, I am trying to apply natural and scientific way. I am trying to read publications on Pubmed (as far as I can understand 🙂 ) and try to fallow some masters.

The first diet attempt I have done was Atkins diet, which is a kind of low carb diet. I was on atkins diet about 70 days. I lost about 10 kg and reduced my belly from around 105cm to 96cm which was good. However, long time low carb caused me weakness and foggy mind. So I gave up.

The second diet attempt was Intermittent Fasting (IF), which is you have determined fasting time and eating window time. I tried Martin Berkhan’s Leangains, which you fast 16 hours a day and 8 hours of eating time. In that diet I skipped breakfast and first meal at 13:00 .

For my body and lifestyle, IF was superior and I had great results. My belly circumference reduced to 82cm from 96cm. I have gone to gym 2-3 times a week also.

I fallowed Martins program and Lyle Mc Donalds book. My annotations were mainly depended on this two sources.